Wireless Samsung printer


Samsung printer is one of the most used printers. Nowadays wireless Samsung printers are greatly in demand in the market. Though it has high demand in the market, some users face a little problem during its use. This article will help the users facing a problem with wireless Samsung printers.

How to install a wireless Samsung printer- First make sure that your computer should be connected to a network with which you are connecting the printer. After this just follow the on screen instruction until you are asked to select a network. When you are available with the option whether you want to connect the printer with wire or wireless hit the wireless option, follow the on screen instruction to finish the installation.

One of the major issues in the wireless printer is connectivity. Connectivity plays an important role for a printer for a better working condition. Before solving any connectivity issue it is necessary to check some conditions. Before solving, check whether the printer and Router both are in ON condition. After doing this check whether the wireless adapter is installed correctly.

To check this, go to start menu and tap on Device manager. After tapping on it, click on Network adapters. Check for any entry having the exclamation mark in front of it. If there is an entry like this, right click on the wireless adapter and select uninstall. Download the latest wireless adapter from Samsung website, install it in the system.

How to install ad-hoc wireless printer connection- Insert the software CD in the PC. Click on Start and go to Run. Click on E:Setup.exe, accept all the instructions and click Next.

After this, a message will appear on the screen indicating a connection type, click on Wireless Connection. When wireless network setup is completed click on Next and follow the on screen instruction.

If the problem still exists, note the IP address of the configuration sheet.

Go to Start menu, click on Control panel. Tap on device and printers options and click on Port tab. Check the printers IP address, IP address of printer and configuration sheet should be the same. If it does not change the IP address of the printer.

If the above solution doesn't seem to be helpful, click on the given link to get your solution more correctly and more deeply.


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